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the  rich

balance of biology and economy in Clayoquot Sound."

Clayoquot CleanUp is a world leader in marine habitat restoration.  Specializing in emergency spill response, accumulated debris removal, and aquaculture site deconstruction and removal our team of technical experts possess advanced training and experience that assures successful restoration of demanding marine environments.  


In June 2017 the CleanUp team set a record for cleaning the longest continuous stretch of coastline in the world.  In just under two weeks technical directors and teams of volunteers successfully restored 29.04 kilometres of pristine British Columbia coastline to a pollution-free state.   The benefits to local First Nations, coastal communities, and a myriad of resident and migratory wildlife cannot be understated.


Clayoquot CleanUp continues to work within Clayoquot Sound targeting the removal of accumulated ocean plastics and marine debris, abandoned aquaculture  sites, and responding to emergency pollution spills throughout the area.  To learn more about upcoming initiatives please register as a volunteer by emailing us HERE.  

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