Captain Josh Temple -fOUNDER - Partnerships and Funding
Josh brings more than 25 years of experience in the marine industry as a captain and commercial diver to the helm of Clayoquot CleanUp.  He has called Clayoquot Sound home for over two decades and shares his intimate knowledge of the area and it’s environment with the project and its staff.  He has supervised international marine operations throughout Latin America and the United States, as well as extensive domestic operations within Canada on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  His track record of efficient and result orientated leadership has established his reputation as a leader in the marine operations field.   
Jason was born in the wilds of Canada and has made Tofino, BC his home for the last 17 years. Jason holds a commercial pilot licience for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft, in addition to an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license. A dedicated business and family man,  Jason owns and operates Atleo River Air Service with his partner, with whom he lives "off-grid"with his 2 children on an island off of Tofino. Jason spends his free time exploring the Pacific Northwest. He has a strong connection to the ocean where he enjoys surfing, freediving, spearfishing, and food gathering. His passions drive him in his many volunteer projects including marine debris clean up. 
Andrea McQuade - public relations 
With a background in Philosophy and a specialty in Ethics, Andrea brings her experience in journalism, public relations and eco tourism to it's natural evolution documenting and promoting the work that Clayoquot CleanUp aims to do. Andrea strongly believes that the fight for the ecological preservation of Clayoquot Sound will be successful primarily through the social education offered on its waters and shores, and that education and preservation go hand in hand. Always passionate about the outdoors, Andrea spends the majority of her free time on the waterways and logging roads of Clayoquot Sound, educating herself first and foremost.
A long time resident of Clayoquot Sound, Quoashinis (Cosy) was raised by two amazing stewards of the land, Steve and Susanne Lawson. Through activism and environmentalism, both public and private,her love of Clayoquot Sound has grown in tandem with her passion to protect and care for it. Throughout her 20 years in the marine and resort industry she has continued to foster in others the importance of protecting and nurturing the resources that have made it possible to live on this incredible coast, culminating in her position to protect and look after those protecting the coast.
Oren Lawson - Equipment Mngmt and Technical ops 
Oren was born on the beach and raised on Wickaninnish Island. At home in waters warm and cold, Oren has guided both fishing charters and adventure programs from Clayoquot Sound to Mexico and Costa Rica. Watching whales and exploring the coastline here still amazes Oren each and every day, and while he spends most of his time on the water for his job as a whale watching captain,  he does the same thing on his days off. Oren loves these waters and believes volunteering for Clayoquot CleanUp is a great way to share the beauty of this place and encourage preservation of our oceans.
Madi Greyson - Marketing and social media 
Raised in Tofino, Madi grew up having a love for the ocean and all its creations. Seeing the depletion of the Pacific Northwest over her lifetime has driven her to spend her spare time helping in the efforts to resort our shores. After spending time in Vancouver for University, she found herself back home next to the forests and the sea, working as a Freelance Marketing Manager for numerous businesses in the area. With her passion for the environment and career in publication, Madi is able to bring a new perspective to the fight that we have in front of us